Due to The Corona Virus Pandemic supplier shipping times may take longer than normal and some merchandise may be unavailable. We strongly suggest opting for expedited shipping. Please see our FAQ page for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current shipment situation due to the Corona Virus Pandemic?

We recommend placing orders as soon as possible to avoid unexpected delays due to the Corona Virus pandemic and limited inventory. Some shipping locations will be limited and may change depending on each individual country's postal arrangements. Some of our manufactured items may be out of stock due to production availability.

As global postal services continue to be unpredictable during the course of the ongoing pandemic, we ask for your kind understanding if any unforeseen circumstances arise due to sudden postal arrangements and once again suggest orders to be placed earlier in case shipping delays occur. Furthermore, for more efficient delivery, expedited shipping would be advised. This option is available for selection upon check out.

Promotional giveaways have currently been postponed due to shipping delays.

Do your watches come with boxes?
No they do not. They are shipped in a bubble envelope sleeve sealed in a plastic wrapper.

Are your items new?
Yes they are. All items are handmade to order.

How big is this item?
Item size and dimensions are listed in the item description. 

What is the handling time?
Handling time is the number of days before your item ships. All our items are hand made. They take approximately 2-4 business days to produce depending on the item. Some things like tiles or other items with an enameled surface need to cure and set before shipment, hence the handling time.

I need my item by a specific date!
Please plan ahead if you need an item by a certain date. Please understand the shipping duration estimates BEFORE you buy. The current Corona Virus pandemic is impacting postal services and airmail availability thus extending shipping duration. FREE Economy shipping takes 2-4 weeks for delivery. All items ship from Hong Kong. Please note business days do not include Saturday or Sunday.

Why do you need my phone number at check out?

Most communication from Time Rover Treasures can be taken care of via email or through your account interface. However, PayPal provides merchants with the buyer Contact Telephone Number. We will only use this in the event we need to communicate with you about the related purchase and can't get in touch with you via email. Also, some couriers (used for large orders), such as Fedex also require a phone number for delivery purposes. This number will not be sold or used for unsolicited commercial messages.
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